Self Defense Shooting

Shooting While Moving

Most gun ranges do not make it possible to move while shooting. With laser dry firing it is possible to move around while firing at the target. Self defense training is more realistic if it involves shooting while moving.

Shooting is a last resort. Only shoot if it is necessary to save your life, or someone else's life.

After reviewing news reports, self defense articles, self defense research and having a conversation with a co-worker who was involved in a self defense shooting, here are my thoughts:

  1. There is a dramatic increase in shootings at schools, entertainment venues, work places, shopping areas and other public places where people used to feel safe.

  2. The police are not able to stop these shootings in time. Multiple victims can be killed in just a few minutes.

  3. It is very rare for armed civilian bystanders to intervene in these shootings, and when they do they can be killed by the police by mistake.

  4. Gun owners are not trained for gunfights. Target practice at a shooting range is a good first step, but is not tactical training for a gunfight.

  5. Anyone carrying a handgun should be prepared for a gunfight, otherwise, DO NOT carry a handgun.

  6. Carrying a handgun should NOT be a political statement. It is simply a matter of self defense.

  7. If you are going to carry a handgun, become a skilled shooter.

  8. An unskilled civilian shooter can do more harm than good. They may kill innocent bystanders, and get themselves killed.

  9. A simple guideline is RUN, HIDE and FIGHT only if you have to.